20 Dec 2009

Allowing Murder now?

Another Tory disaster

What they are effectively doing is saying:

It is ok to beat a man into a vegative state, hitting him so hard with a baseball bat that they break it on his head. (Munir Hussain)

It is fine to chase someone running away, being a marksman, and shoot them in the back four times to result in his death. Oh, and after doing this, go to the pub before telling the police.( Tony Martin)

[P]rosecutions and convictions should only happen in cases where courts judge the actions involved to be 'grossly disproportionate'"

Well given that the two high profile cases are grossly disproportionate, there seems to be very little point in changing the legislation.

It is reasonable to hit someone that is threatening you, your immediate family or your home. It is not reasonable, or in any way not grossly disproportionate to chase a running man in a car, and then, with your cousin, cause grievous bodily harm.

However, the key words in this article are "A Conservative government would consider strengthening the rights of householders"

In other words, they wont actually do anything, this is just another attempt at vote winning.

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