4 Jan 2010

Calling Sensible People Everywhere

What a glorious start to the real New Year (the fourth of January being the beginning of return to work and school for everyone).

Foot paths and roads roads are covered in snow in sunny Ashford.

And apparently, the world that we live in seems to be getting more and more bizarre.

I used to think that Web sites such as www.hotornot.com were somethings in the vast scheme of things upon the Internet that would eventually be phased out as people came to their common senses.

As I checked my Facebook page I am subjected to yet another round of advertisements encouraging me to date Christians, find love and revel in games that involve killing people. it is also suppose that because I am in my late 20s I must be a mother, if not a single mother, and that for some strange reason my life is in accord on gender stereotypes goods such as pink iPods, pink laptops and generally "cutesy fluffy pink" [ insert colloquial term for collective of futility here]

I cannot be the only person who is genuinely offended by the way I am stereotyped by advertising, and I cannot be the only person who embraces society not purely based on the way they look.

Living in a world where it is considered a good thing to be part of "the largest network of attractive people in the world" only helped to perpetuate ignorance and misconception. I would personally rather be part of a network of identity verified thinkers with something intelligent and genuine to reflect on the world.

The concept of being an "nerd" from school bullying is now rife within society.

Sociologists accuse feminists of being poorly recognized superwomen who have to juggle household tasks, children and jobs.

Now it appears that women and men alike must not only grasp the fundamentals of life such as the job, home and children, but also strive to be accepted on a website where all your other qualities apparently count for nothing.

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