5 Jan 2010

A little round up of the day

Tory (Fail) NHS

Cameron attempts to undo the harm done by Daniel Hannan http://bit.ly/4HUv1f #toryfail

Did anyone listen to Andrew Lansley being torn apart on PM (Radio 4) Yesterday?

He genuinely floundered over the issue with mixed sex wards, and, surprise, surprise, the Tories announced this morning they were withdrawing this from their draft manifesto

Is anyone else sick of the term "abomination" and it's over use in headlines?

I haven't had time to listen to this yet and I am off to the cinema, but all that occured to me as Labour and Conservative battles errupted today was that the Farmers are the Tory core vote, or one of them, and they are obviously worried they may lose them!

Yes it is bad. And please, please, please can people stop buying cat litter to grit the roads? Our cats are crossing their legs at the moment! And they cant even go outside!

Clegg and Liberal Democrats
Not sure I would have chosen the term "King Maker". Unless it was a deliberate ploy on what area of the country's exec holds the real power today.

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