30 May 2010

... Bleak House

At journalists, party members and the political classes watched the new coalition with bated breath, it seems that there are far more important dangers we should be anticipating than the fall of David laws.

The great debate over Capital Gains Tax has created a significant rift between the harmonious wedding of Clegg and Cameron.

In spite of great demonstrations by the Conservatives, they propose to increase National Insurance.

So, it seems, that the economy is the poisoned chalice after all.

The terrifying prospect of being "broken, bankrupt and bust" may be used as a stick with which to beat the middle classes, not to mention civil servants.

Quite simply, £6 billion of cuts is not enough to stop us from descending into the anarchy seen by Greece, let alone the potential failing of the Euro and the effect it will have on our exports.

No wonder David Cameron is so keen to implement a country of Entrepreneurs.

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