26 Dec 2010

2010 Highlights

A few highlights for 2010; everyone else is doing it;

#Leadership Debates

One of the initial steps in political reform; the Leadership Debates have helped to cross the bridge between conspicuous consumption and politics and engage and inspire new generations and emancipate society from the grasps of those autonomous purchases that repress us.

# Demonstrations;

After the huge blow to the ego of genuine demonstrators, when Blair ignored Iraq war protests, there was a period when protests, political engagement and demonstration was seen as moot. Yet this year has seen the Climate Camp and the student demonstrations. You cannot condone violence, but you can admire the re-engagement of the electorate to pronounce what they feel strongly about.

# The foundational footsteps of new politics;

With a coalition of Tories and Lib Dems (who'da thought it?), the proposed referendum of the voting system, the reviews of the House of Lords, the riots, the #ukuncut phenomenum, the Tea Party movement, we are seeing a truly amazing year of political activity and awareness that I hope will set grass roots and grow from the simple acorn it has been.

# Global Disasters

There was a time when Climate Change denyers were winning the war. But with a year that has comprised of volcanos, floods, freak weather, earthquakes and forrest fires, as well as record snow in the UK, people are coming around to the idea of a greener world and the sheer need for a carbon reduction. Now to avoid complacency!

# Wikileaks

With a new regard for transparency, Wikileaks has helped to sell the idea of accessibility within democracy. Long may it reign!

# A New Relgious Regard

The Pope redefining Catholicism with a single blow, condoning the use of condoms, homosexuality and promiscuous behaviour. Even for a humanist like me, this is beyond amazing and will entertain me for years to come.

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