21 Dec 2010

Championing #Candidvince

I've been late to catch up on the Vince Cable/BSky2B/Telegraph story today due to those definitions of obligations at Christmas.

But ultimately, people who feel that Murdoch owning 100% of BSky2B and the Sun and the rest of his socially manipulative empire is ok are missing some important moral questions.

We currently live in a country where the most read papers shape the opinions of the masses. Not so strange, you would think, if those opinions were not wrong.

Rather than rant, I will simply redirect you to The Daily Mash for a satirical take on the news that is sold via discriminative and perjorative images of naked ladies, obsessions with subtly nuanced racism towards ethnic minorities and slavish devotion to royalty.

I tend to think the Lib Dems are the most free thinking of the political parties, rejecting the majority view when that view is held simply because it is "the way it has always been".

Vince Cable validated my views today with his sacrificial and passionate denouncement of the Murdoch empire.

While those talk of parliamentary impartiality, they seem to ignore the fact we have an executive controlled by parliamentary parties, whips and adversarial politics. This is something that cannot be ignored when putting one minister in charge of a decision on the media.

TO have a Lib Dem make the decision would be subjective as Murdoch Press constantly critcize the party and squeeze them as much as possible. The same would apply to a Labour minister. To have a Tory minister would simply hold up the ethos of the ol' boys club us anticapitalist and left wing commentators have come to loathe.

Therefore, rather than passing the job to Jeremy Hunt, or letting Milliband leap on a bandwagon he would not support if he were in power, why not pass it to the courts, or better still, to the public?

I would rather have candid and honest ministers in power like Vince who deplore unfair advantage in major corporations, and are willing to sacrifice their politics in view of fairness, than "yes men" who adhere to whips and provide no real voice to democracy.

In a changing society, where students can challenge millionaire's tax payments and attract mainstream media, where we have a coalition for the first time in decades and where there is real opportunity for electoral reform, I support and champion Vince's attitude, we need more politicians like him.

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