27 Apr 2011

New UN Policy: No-Fly-Zone-with-Extras

Rather like Libya, we are now into the long winded discussions about Syria. The prevaricating and pompous gesticulating by Hague, the outrage by Paxman and a few asides from Parliament proclaiming human rights as justification.

But there is another, less obvious similarity between Libya and Syria.

No video footage, no journalists encamped watching every move. As I commented before, as we were in this stage with Libya, the creation of a hyperreal scenario of war, demonstration and unfairness has been caste, and we are being led by the nose to the tune of what the media want us to think.

Discussions on Twitter identify those who have concerns like me regarding which country we go into when. A learned friend observes Yemen is predicted to run out of oil in 2017. We won't be going in there then.

I'm missing Hague pontificating this morning on BBC Radio 4 but I would imagine we won't approve a no-fly-zone-with-extras (like some bonus junk food promotion) until after the local elections.

Robert Fisk presents an interesting and balanced view of the conflict in today's i paper. He describes violence and propaganda by both sides, concluding, albeit on the fence, that this is a civil war in it's initial stages. This is a lesson we should have known for Libya.

However, with the UN Secretary General has ordered an investigation into alleged human rights abuses in Syria, I am calling William Hill with a fiver on 6th May for announcement of a No-Fly-Zone with extras.

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