26 Apr 2011

Vindictive Conservatives Whingeing about Lib Dems Whingeing...

What may have started as a clever media ploy to appeal to core voters seems to be dissolving into a row where long harboured resentment brews.

The coalition needs to appeal to core voters prior to May's election, with right wing ploys from the Tories and social left wing comments from the Lib Dems.

However, while this may have worked if it were just a local election, the AV referendum is stoking the fire a little too much.

Chris Huhne MP's comments yesterday denouncing the No 2 AV Campaign's alleged lies and misleading statements has, caused 'senior Conservative backbenchers' to lash out, revealing far more about tensions than previously thought.

By the way, how does one have 'senior backbenchers'? Is the two tier system a little lacklustre for Conservative MPs so they have to create delusions of grandeur? One does not hear Labour with such affectations.

Mark Pritchard MP, again with a overtly pretentious title, secretary of the Tory 1922 Committee, has clearly had salt rubbed in his wounds as he spurts malicious comments in The Metro.

'...many Conservative colleagues who gave up ministerial office for the sake of the coalition'.

Ah, I see. The coalition was simply 'a sacrifice' to Conservative rule, rather than a reconciling of opinion following the Tory's failure to command a majority.

There is clearly upset in both camps that is being allowed to breed as AV battle becomes more harried.

We have already seen Cameron move from 'staying out of the debate' to giving paternalistic essays to right wing papers in an effort to affect the vote.

Today sees claims from Lib Dems being sidelined or ignored by Tory Ministers, and, if Mark Pritchard's comments on alleged 'whingeing' are anything to go by, these rumours could be true.

It has long been noted that the press largely ignores Lib Dem ministers unless they head a department.

It seems this casual disregard and lack of respect comes from within Westminster it's self and not just a media perception. Or maybe it is a chicken and egg situation.

These battles need to be drawn to a close now to retain Britain's stability. The Bank of England is further delaying a rise in interst rates until the summer, and any more turmoil in politics could see us sinking back to economic gloom.

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  1. Martin Marprelate26 April 2011 at 11:41

    Regarding the alleged tiff by Cameron and Clegg over unpaid internships for family friends given by MPs etc.

    Well I feel this is a set-up to let both Party Leaders be able to say to their supporters , "Look, I am NOT in Cameron's(Clegg's) pocket!" The issue itself is big enough to polarise Tories from Lib-Dems but is not a game stopper for the Coalition, and is a God awful small affair in the big picture for the UK.

    Sorry Dave and Nick, I have seen through your little game. This is one Easter Egg I won't be eating!


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