31 May 2011

An Attack on Cheryl Cole

It's hard to avoid the ubiquitous Cheryl Cole; she's in the broadsheets, on Radio 4 and everywhere else you chose to look.

In spite of representing the very worst of popular culture, some sort of capitalist dream that is exploited until the world moves on, she is in the forefront of the British public's minds.

The question is, what is the purpose in her extravagant media presence in the last seven days?

I would imagine it is rather like Robbie Williams leaving Take That, a grandiose move to separate her identity from the malicious excuse for entertainment in order to allow her some sort of solo career.

Perhaps an 'Oprah', Cheryl has been allegedly dumped by Cowell (which is rot, he wouldn't abandon such a goldmine, hence my scepticism) and now denied the opportunity to return to UK X Factor.

I suspect some dire addition to the terrestrial channels is in the offing.

I make no apologies, I loathe the show, the two-dimensional representation of success and character and the demeaning values it teaches the nation.

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  1. The fact that you have an opinion on this means that you've already lost. You're one of them now.

    Apathy is wiser in such cases as this.

    Kate x


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