27 May 2011

A Little Rant on British Papers' Failings

May have to abandon the Telegraph too.

Why is it, when something in power goes wrong, eg immigration caps, it is the 'coalition' policy. And apparently this is all Clegg's fault, for describing the policy as an 'aspiration'.

All successes are reported as Cameron's and the Tory party, and, like The Standard, they cannot resist the urge to stick a boot into the Lib Dems whenever they can.

Persecution by the right wing papers, and leftwing papers that don't bother to explain or justify arguments (to which I assert that arrogant presumption does them no favours) really don't assist a thinking person's liberal ideals.

If right wing papers are effectively and intelligently persuasive, even if dogmatic, why can left wing papers not be?

I've had a long week!
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