27 May 2011

Double whammy of social abominations

If in doubt, slow news week, let's churn out some figures on what alcohol consumption costs the NHS.

Alternatively, a good story that borders racism about immigration is a good hit.

What did we do to deserve both on the same day? While I'm the first to admit I have Obama fatigue, I'm keen enough to notice the huge spreads on these in the papers, fuelling further social discontent as purses are squeezed.

Social disorder is always worse in an economic downturn, as many football stadium disasters lay testement too. But it is not helped when press releases stir up the tensions further with inflammatory articles on marmite issues.

By the way, I mean marmite as in a euphemism for strongly opinioned, I couldn't care less whether Denmark has banned the stuff.

Ultimately, what are these stories masking? Could it be all the money we're spending on accruing the spoils of war?
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