27 May 2011

Cameron takes a back seat again. It's becoming a habit.

Cameron has decisively taken a back step with the economy debate, leaving Osbourne to field questions from Cabinet colleagues following the reduction in growth predictions for the UK.

The I paper declares happily 'Osbourne has been forced to fend off doubts about his economic policy' and the words 'jitters' and 'wobble' are used in a pejorative manner regarding the UK financial status.

As I commented on Tuesday, Cameron's inability to lead his party, while representing a nice fluffy image of teamwork, speaks volumes when he is still keen to speak on non-entities like the McGann case.

It could be argued that he leaves his ministers to lie in their own beds, from Clarke to Pritchard, perhaps hoping if he gives then enough rope, to mix metaphors.

However, his lack of comment makes him look weak and vulnerable as his apparent allies are forced to defend and parry in the scrutiny of the media, opposition and even his coalition partners.

He's a bit like Obama in this way, quite happy to serve out the burgers but won't organise, or comment on, the BBQ.
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