13 May 2011

Drop the Political Agenda in Feminism Please

I adore feminism as a philosophy and as a campaign. My understanding of how my life has been marred and controlled as a woman was an epiphany.

Therefore I seek to educate people in this area to understand that women are not defined by the roles they have and that equality should be the central goal for the sexes.

However, I find others in the field often champion the cause and surreptitiously channel their own political agenda.

Constant posts in forums seek to criticise the current government but lack proposals of alternatives and do not criticise opposition parties.

What these comments fail to address is that feminism is a cross party campaign, and unless all parties sign up, nothing is to be gained by getting one's support.

It also detracts from the main issues and the root causes of gender inequality. Challenging public perception is the central aim, because without removing the stigma of ubiquitous hegemonic feminity, no party will ever meet up to lofty expectations of greatness.

Challenging the current government is one thing, but when using perjorative nouns such as 'ConDem' there is an implicit political agenda.

And criticising them for specific services is rather like saying "I want electric car chargers at every petrol station", when you don't own an electric car. Or a car.

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