13 May 2011

Would Cameron show such Mercy for Mrs Blanco?

I blogged earlier on how atrocious it was that Cameron has commanded the Met to run an inquiry into the ubiquitous Maddie McCann when there are millions of cases not getting a third of investment.

The Standard identifies the furore caused by Cameron's decision, and I was struck by the poignance in comparision of Mrs Blanco's case.

Mrs Blanco's son fell to his death at a party after an altercation with well-known Babyshambles front-man Pete Doherty.

Yesterday she was told unequivocatively that there was no chance of a trial to investigate Mark's death.

Would the response have been any different had she met the PM before he was PM? Would Theresa May MP be making pronounced speeches on the loss of her son and assuring her 'it was never far from the polices' mind?

No, of course not. For Mrs Blanco is unlikely to have a PR spokes person in her employ, several million in the bank and her press conferences get side columns not front pages.

Once again we see the government and courts manipulated by those with class and financial advantages.

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