24 May 2011

EU Sanctions on Syria. Again.

Syria has been subject to more sanctions by the EU.

The German Foreign Minister Westerville commented that '(the murder of civillians) can't be left unanswered by the European Union'.

What does this say of the lackadaisical approach by the UN? They were only recently dissuaded from adding Syria to their ranks to replace Libya.

The EU is firmly behind sanctions on the abuses, including more the 800 people killed in pursuit of peaceful protest. But as Obama visits, it is unlikely it will become a NATO action. The US was reluctant enough in Libya and are flip-flopping over Israel, they won't want to get involved.

The EU cannot reasonably get involved in conflict alone with so much financial crisis across their own countries. Therefore their sanctions can only serve as impetus to the international community to act on Syria.

Obama's visit should help determine a path, but it is likely he will turn a blind eye, prefering to return to posturing with Pakistan like teenagers rutting.
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