24 May 2011

Scotland Independence Poll

A presumptive Metro poll is trying to assess the public opinion on the potential separation of Scotland and England as the SNP have said they will hold a referendum on.

I would imagine many of Metro readers hadn't given it a great deal of thought. But here was their opportunity.

The Metro is inclined to imply current devolution is costly, with subsidies for Scotland at £14billion, of which, it asserts, Scotland uses (read wastes) on free prescription and free university education. Perks us English are denied.

One does wonder if the poll was as emotively charged when asking people their opinion on something the Metro has barely reported on.

If the sample donut graph is anything to go by, the questions were suitably vague;

'Do you believe the rest of the UK will be worse off or better off if Scotland becomes independent?'

Please miss, can you define worse off and better off?

There are many arguments out there. Some say if Scotland metaphorically walks, they will take North Sea Oil, Gas and Fisheries with them. The same industries Salmond has recently accused Osbourne of running a smash-and-grab-robbery on in the budget. If he's upset about it, there must be some truth in the idea.

It seems Wales may also leap away in a determined step towards independence.

Ever get the feeling you might smell?!
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  1. The move may actually propel Scotland forward in the near future and many decades to come. Theoretically speaking of course, because given the subsidy amount, that is a tough cap to close; no one likes paying for education when you have received it free/discounted all your life. However, the true spirit that is Scotland will only resonate in the great people that make up Scotland with FULL independence. One of the most decorated military regiments around the world comes from here, why not let them be independent and reliant on themselves for a change. Make the The Declaration of Arbroath 1320 a reality for once and not a bunch of political jargon. The recent past shows that a true independent Scotland just may drive tourism from outside of the typical UK patrons through the roof. If Trump considered for years investing in Scotland, there has to be many other venture capitalists waiting to tap into new markets.


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