27 May 2011

The Great Newspaper Trial

This is a far more grand title than deserved.

I commute. I therefore read tangiable papers made of real pulped tree, allowing me to cast my opinions by Blackberry simultaneously.

I adore the I paper but I find it whets my appetite and leaves me wanting.

The Independent would be the logical choice, but, as with the Guardian, I find it too leftie without any good debate.

I have always leaned towards the Telegraph for it's chunky newsbites and good world coverage, even though it is right wing.

The Times yesterday left me incandescent with rage over NHS reforms therefore I have returned to The Telegraph again today.

I may be back to The Guardian for another try, I'm a keen Observer reader, but I find it full of tat I don't want (sport and travel and the like), as well as irrationally leftwing with no logical chain of causation. If you lean one way, at least explain why!!!

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  1. The problem with the telegraph is that it tends to recycle stories from the right wing tabloids without any checking for accuracy. Mind you, once you've read something like tabloidwatch for a while you'll find it hard to read any newspaper.


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