27 May 2011

How to arrest a war criminal (America, take note)

When locating an enemy of significant proportions, around whom an entire regime has functioned, try taking a leaf from Serbia's books.

Ratko Mladic, thought responsible for thousands of deaths in a massacre in Bosnia, was brought into custody last night.

Please note, he was brought into custody. There was no need to crash a chinook into his home, and even though he was armed, he gave himself up peacefully.

His death toll far tops Bin Laden, and Obama felt the need to say Mladic should answer to his crimes in court. It's a shame Obama didn't feel the same was necessary for Bin Laden.

The other significant antonym is who was responsible for the arrest. Serbian security forces took the lead here. It was not another country's finest hitmen sneaking in after dark. One does wonder if Obama has involved Pakistan, the arrest of Bin Laden would have been less macabre and bloody.

Bin Laden was something of a trophy killing, as political as Caeser's troops marching to Rome. In comparison, Mladic's arrest is like the arrest of the leader of the Gauls, for Caeser to bring out on every occassion to symbolise his power and skilled military. A euphemism to put off potential competitors.
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