10 May 2011

"I Was Elected to Westminster and All I Got Was This Lousy Duckhouse" T Shirt

One could suggest this is capitalism gone mad. The Pugin architectural marvel that is Westminster is to be hired out by the evening.

Perhaps they could hold stag and hen do's, children's birthday parties and waxing fundraisers in the chambers?

Certainly with proposals to retail Commons souveneirs (Speaker's costume anyone?) and eateries, the House of Commons looks to be exploited by marketing and advertising along with the next person.

MPs call for Westminster to 'take advantage of it's brand'. I would suggest this is one way of dragging archaic tradition into the 21st Century, but I dread the results.

I also cannot reconcile the financial advantages to this scheme. With the ever widening social divide, legitimate but amoral tax avoidance and houseprice rises, there seem to be many more opportunities of low hanging fruit than this.

However, a tshirt proclaiming 'I was elected to West Minster and all I got was this lousy duckhouse' has certain macabre appeal as a money saving initiative.
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  1. This sounds a seriously dumb idea from a security point of view.

    Don't suppose you know where I can buy gunpowder by the barrel do you? And the way to the cellars . . .

  2. Hehe, didn't think of that angle!

    Apparently the ES said they are encasing the place in steel for when Obama comes on 25th - maybe they will do that if they hire it out?!


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