9 May 2011

Various Marches that Would Be Better for Feminism

Slut Walks. Nothing like inspiring a "marmite" response.

As Rosamund Urwin puts it in today's Evening Standard, do women, "in the name of protecting rape victims... attempt to turn a sexual slur into a badge of honour", really fully consider the implications of what they are doing?

As I commented previously, it seems rather like sticking a plaster on a broken leg. Calling women sluts will not change the perjorative implications of the word, and will simply fuel "full frontal feminism"; that exploits sex as a consumer asset and denies repression where it so clearly exists.

So what should feminists do instead?

Here are several walks I'd like to see;

Dyke Walk
Where women can claim back the right to have short hair, not wear makeup, wear trousers and flats and generally not flaunt their so-called-assets and not be called a dyke

Single and Happy Walk
Where women can shake off the Bridget Jones sydrome that has spread through generations like a wildfire out of control, contributing to more patronising and defaming remarks based on stereotypes.

Child-free walk
where women are not persecuted for having no maternal desire whatsoever, where they can avoid the pitying patronising looks and comments of "you'll change"; because they have seen through fallacies of motherhood and biological destiny

PMT Bitch Walk
Where women line up to prevent PMT and Hormones becoming synonymous with the repressive term "hysterical";, convoluted out of all sense to imply all women are effectively mentally unsound therefore nothing a man does is a problem, it's all them.

Got any more?
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  1. How about a "Actually parents love working and their kids and are dedicated to both, whether working full- or part-time or staying at home" march...


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