23 May 2011

Obama: Different Face, Same Policies

The visit of Obama is fast approaching with little more than disdain from me.

From his simpering and obsequious interview with Marr yesterday to his 'agenda' for a UK visit, I am seeing him more and more as a facade for the same old politics. He simply uses a different vernacular.


I would imagine he identifies with modern Doctor Who images of a 'lonely god', the idea that he is one man battling the evils on a global, if not intergalactic basis.

The problem is, he cherry picks his wars with platitudinous reasons. 'Human rights', WMDs and international terrorism are the usual suspects when an American President choses to comment on foreign affairs.

The truth is, if Saddam had had WMDs, he would have retained a relationship with the US rather like the one with Pakistan. Where posturing speaks tenfolds.

And as Obama continues to select, Libya over Syria, Iraq over Iran, Afghanistan over Pakistan, we are expected as a nation to nod blithely along and follow meekly in his evervescent footsteps.

His agenda for his apparent rise in aristocracy in the UK is to keep us in Afghanistan, to continue the blinkered and assumptive war on Muslim Extremism (you didn't really think it was terrorism did you?) and get tough on Pakistan.

And what do we get in return? Little Britain with their glorious country and horses and carriages and outdated monarchy that Obama seems desperate to usurp?

It seems very little. The US may or may not commit to more effort in Libya. We get the allstar choice of being embroiled in the Palastine/Israel drama. We get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pacify Russia over US missiles.

Hang on, didn't this all happen once when I was a child? And what happened when we needed the US after?

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