23 May 2011

Social Media and Public Disobedience

Rather like being in one's car, people have the approach to Twitter that if they pick their nose, no one will see.

The threats over a certain footballer from lawyers have attempted to counter this threat, by demanding information about each tweeter who mentioned him. The response has been a resounding delight, his name on twitter is now being spoken once a second.

What I adore about what is being hailed the biggest example of civil disobedience in years (but by the Daily Mail therefore unlikely to be a valid claim) is the mini revolution element.

When the chap was prosecuted for making a joke about airports, Twitter users came out in force to support him and his humour. By the same measure, they are metering out punishment to a footballer who couldn't keep his pants on.

Trial by jury has nothing on trial by Twitter. But while it is amusing from the outside it cannot be fun as the recipient.

The interesting modernity development is that a 100,000 non-entities will now force a parliamentary review into superinjunctions. These people may not be able to sway elections but they can cause enough storm to influence the PM.

Far better than strenuous walks and placard holding that gets us no where. I'm quite delighted to be one of them!

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