9 May 2011

Spurious Science Targetting Overweight Women, Again

The Metro takes a leaf out of The Daily Mail's copy and actively seeks to further ostracise obese people today.

The headline 'obesity spreads among fat friends' is intended to share the fear of the 'disease' of obesity.

The press is forever guilty of post-modern representation of disease, and obesity is just another example.

Presented as 'women are more likely' (gender discrimination anyone), the apparent justification is a tiny and unrepresentative sample of 101 people in Arizona.

It should be noted not only are the (fuller) figures spurious at best, but they are also not taken over time, so no apparent pattern can be detected.

Therefore, rather than being 'contagious', all the study can tell us of obesity in women is that 101 happen to have friends and family of a similar disposition. Therefore it isn't even a scientific study but more an observation with scales.
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