18 May 2011

Time to Put a Stop to the Tories' Political Omnipotence

While Clegg dickers over NHS reforms, proposing to challenge the competition body, it appears the Tories are busy railroading other non-coalition agreement issues through.

We have the NHS and an attempt by Clegg to challenge the developments, but many feel his proposals will fall on deaf ears and that they are not addressing the entirity of the comments made at the Lib Dem conference earlier this year.

Now the Tories are on a replacement for Trident being approved immediately.

The Lib Dems are in a weak position in the Tory's eyes, and they seem intent on bullying the party, taking backbenchers comments as priorities over their coalition partners.

The threat, of course, is that if the Lib Dems were to stop these sideways attacks, the Conservatives could call an election, on the basis that the party performed so badly in local government elections this month that they would have a clear majority.

However, legislation on Fixed Term Parliaments will, in theory, prevent this.

Perhaps the Lib Dems should stand up to this blindsiding, and defend what they believe in. The self respect they would gain would be greatly beneficial and would challenge the Tories' infallibility claims. This would support them in the event the Conservatives did call an election.


  1. "Perhaps the Lib Dems should stand up to this blindsiding, and defend what they believe in"

    Therein lies the problem. The LibDems only believe in 2 things, agreeing with everyone about everything and PR

  2. Controversial indeed, Kelly....... Are you suggesting the tail should wag the dog?

    By standing up for beliefs that the electorate obviously did not want at the last GE, how would the LibDems fare better at a second attempt? Mind you, the same argument can be made for the Tories and Labour.

    It is also apparent that what everyone knew, except it seems the Tories and LibDems, is that where a coalition is formed with two disparate groups with differing far-reaching beliefs there will always be discord?

    Both parties are, in my opinion, guilty of foregoing their principles in order to get their hands on power, hence my accusation levelled at both of venality.

    I think that we would both agree that Labour should never, ever, be forgiven for the financial nadir to which they brought our country - unfortunately the electorate have short memories, as witnessed by recent opinion polls.

    It is also a fact that whilst all three parties continue to lie to the electorate, resorting to short-term sound-bites as a means to gain attention and support, the electorate will remain confused.

    The MSM cannot avoid blame either because by accepting that their jobs are in effect dependant on not upsetting the politicians, real investigative and fair-minded journalism cannot be provided - hence the electorate are being virtually brain-washed.

    All in all it is one hell of a mess, is it not?


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