18 May 2011

Tories Apparently Abhor Police

I heard this story on BBC Radio 4 this morning and thought it was an April fool.

Apparently Police are attacking the Conservatives because the Conservative government in 1994 stopped Unions securing a pay rise.

Police are reported in The Metro as saying they 'are being treated like cattle' and the Police Federation actually say 'the government... Hate the police service'.

I don't know which argument is more ludicrous, it is rather like two parents having a malicious custody battle with the public as the children being fed falsehoods.

The police have to make cuts, this much is clear. And perhaps they should be inclined to start with the looney toons who invent conspiracy theories.

If only, by the same measure, we could get the Tories to also make cuts to their own fruitcakes.

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  1. Don't know if you listened to the full over-an-hour long speech, but it had a thousand reasons to back up the claim.

    May was hammered with facts and statistics and evidence for over an hour!!

    Perhaps it might just be that the Metro didn't hear it either and relied on a few vacuous soundbites?

  2. I believe all three main parties need to make cuts to their fruitcakes,Kelly,however it does not help when the three leaders are, themselves, fruitcakes!

  3. Sue, I've read other articles since publishing this article this morning, and I have to say, by no stretch of the imagination is there foundation for some sort of internal conspiracy by the Conservative Party to destroy the police.

    While I agree, the cuts are strong, and Police should have been considered for front line protection, if the country wasn't in such a diabolical state financially, eg about to follow Greece and Portugal, then it wouldn't be necessary. There are also excessive examples of waste across all public sectors, whether police, councils or NHS.

  4. That financial argument is just so silly. We are so far from Greece and Portugal it's like comparing CBeebies with the adult channel.

    For a few brief days, vested interests feared a run because the UK went for the coalition option. They frightened the living bejaysus out of the Libs, convincing them "there was no alternative"

    Anyone who parrots lines like that is as bad as those on my side of the barracks claiming the whole thing can be sorted out with tax dodgers.

    Waste too. It astonishes me how intelligent people actually think that anything like billions can be "saved" in "waste" - let alone several of them in most departments.

    I was speaking to a Tory nurse the other day. Facing cuts of 37% she actually blames the PCT for short-staffing!!! No-one seems to have the faintest idea what 37% cuts across health trusts will do. The numbers must all just be too big. Of course there's waste, but arguing that public sectors can simply magic these cuts from thin air and paper clips is beyond my comprehension.

    All this talk of grown up debates and new politics, but we're still as far from it as we ever were. Further perhaps.

    Sorry for the rant, just about to blog about it myself, so feel free to be equally ranty on mine, lol


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