25 May 2011

Yet another knife in Cameron's Leadership

It seems that the verbose Tory ministers and members with delusions of grandeur just keep saying stupid things.

The latest, Eric Pickles, has selected a relatively straight vernacular to criticise economic policies to students (of all people, this section of society have /no/ history of overreacting to news and not reading things properly).

Pickles' comments are in perfect time to meet the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (who?) Interpreting economic gloom for Britain. The timing is so perfect, one wonders how much Labour paid him.

While not on a scale of Clarke's faux pas last week, or subsequent followups by junior ministers seeking to further fuel the rape fire, the latest comment will go like all the others.

'Hush now, he didn't mean that' is the common response from Tory HQ. And Cameron, the man who makes no apologies, storms on, ignoring his party's breaches.

Just one year in and already Cameron is being shown to have reasonably poor leadership, continuing with his own agenda. But such tensions are showing almost daily now. Inner party fractions will grow unless they are shut up with a reprieve, and that reprieve is yet to come. And if Cameron can't reprieve his own ministers, how can he hope to bring the backbenchers to order.

This is far more sinister than any Lib Dem revolt, we don't have enough ministers and we're quite noisy. The stirring in the ranks of the Tories is like an overpopulated house about to start divorce procedings.

Keeping on course until 2015 should remain Cameron's objective, true, but he really should keep an eye out for machiavellian forces to undermine him and the coalition as a whole.

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