1 Jun 2011

Contrary to Popular Belief there is Light at the End of the Economic Tunnel

The economy is in the news again (was there ever a time when it wasn't?). This time it's spending power which is slow, identifying the overall impact on trade, business and employment in the UK.

Amidst the doom and gloom in the Standard, who actually use the term 'gloomy forecast', there is some light, you just have to look carefully.

It has been observed many times there are more people unemployed now than in the 1980s and yet far less riots and protests than before.

So it is a relief to see staffinf levels are on the increase for the fourteenth consecutive month.

Such a steady increase in employment opportunities will provide a sustainable and underpinned rise in spending eventually, which is likely to be far more stable than a mismash of miscellaneous invented roles.

It is only if we see an incline in redundancies and dismissals again that the economy will start a significant slump again.

People in jobs, stable jobs, means people will spend money. And that's clearly what we need to get going again.

In spite of the slim rays of optimism, I am still a firm believer in public and state investment in times of economic gloom, to increase employment, therefore increasing spending and commissioned business opportunities.

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