2 Jun 2011

Wider Implications of Cyberspace Hacking

The first question that came to mind when I heard of Google's superheroics blocking hacking spies, was how did they know these people were senior US Officials?

I am simply too cynical to believe Google has a philanthropic approach to spam, and seeks to protect every user from phishing.

As modern technology strives to battle governments on democracy, we also see it battle to steal, lie and cheat. It is a rapid social evolution that has taken centuries in real life, but the accessibility of the internet has hastened the development.

In light of US goverment's decision to policise cyber security, the apt timing of this attack makes for more serious application. It justifies harsher treatment of cyber attackers, and condones a stronger hand to potential threats.

As a resident in the UK learned, hacking into US cyberspace is not treated lightly.

The implications of such an attack raise the bar for diplomatic relations if US Senior Officials gmail addressed are so well known, whether to Chinese Government officials, or to the common man.

Ultimately there is only one way to protect information, don't connect to the world wide web. I'm surprised such governments don't have their own pocket of sectioned cyberspace for such information. Or is that thinking outside of the box?!

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