9 Apr 2009

Can we get some perspective please?

At least one Government has it's priorities right!

Meanwhile the UK Government cannot even say what amount they have paid the Irish let alone how much this may be by. On the Today programme a Conservative Minister said that the Irish know more about the money the UK government have paid than the UK government do!

While the UN rants on about global warming and climate change, and Brown pays lip service to this at the G20, it is be nice to see that the Seychelles can trust it's ministers to look at the people of their Country, not their place in the global market, the petty worries of the Home Secretary and the minor inconviniences of nuisance crime. The UK government can't accept there are people in poverty in the UK while they pay off pensions and buy up banks, and Brown outright lies to Jeremy Vine about MP Expenses.

We need a complete democratic overhaul and a restructuring of the Country's finances. Not a desperate Whacky Racers style fight to stay in a flailing global power system, when we weren't even *really* in it (inspite of our leader's attempts!)

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