10 Apr 2009

Perturbing Rape Issues continues

This caught my eye this morning on a bank holiday liberation of ploughing through all the blogs I don't get time to read.

"Of these untested kits, at least 1,218 are from unsolved cases in which the attacker was a stranger to the victim."

The implication is that the rape is more heinous crime if the victim is attacked by someone who is a stranger, further propelling the myths of date rape and (in UK) "Kaitimaki" rape - that the woman asked for it because she knew the man etc and perpetuates the use of "bad character" evidence.

It is abysmal in this day and age the patriarchal states still maintain a hold over women sexually.

Oddly Victoria Derbyshire is discussing rape in the UK this morning as well. A lovely theme for a four day holiday.

This has in turn sparked off a debate about women making sacrifices to elevate themselves to high level jobs versus child care. Bring it on!

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