9 May 2011

Is Clegg Finally Threatening Something Realistically Achievable with NHS Reforms?

I'm delighted with the turn of events from Saturday through to today on the Lib Dems' response to election castigation.

In this morning's I paper, the (now ubiquitous) image of Clegg and Osbourne on Marr's sofa looking different ways was presented over an article that simply synopsified the NHS reforms with added lip service from Clegg.

Phrases such as 'make a stand' and 'hardball' are simply PR enticements to the grass roots activists so decimated by 'Orange Thursday'.

I'd watched the news from my own Lib Dem earth over the weekend, and concluded that Clegg's statements on ordering his peers to block current reforms to the NHS with little more than contempt.

However, tonight the Evening Standard proclaims on page 6 that Clegg is resting the future of the coalition on fundemental changes - insinuating the Lib Dems will pull out if they are not honoured.

Now one could argue why should I believe Clegg of all people. But I would reply the stakes here are a lot higher.

In spite of the media hype over the alleged student fees betrayal, the reforms were not generally seen to be a forcast of damnation for the coalition (perhaps they shouldve been!).

But affirming Clegg's threats are the, now becoming tedious, various members of the 1922 Committee, where Pritchard, who clearly feels maligned enough to refer to himself as a 'senior back bencher', is once again snivelling to the Standard about those mean Lib Dems who took his rightful safeseat position in a ministerial seat.

(I want to add here at every occasion I come across Pritchard, he is more petulant, more egregious and more self serving than any other in government. A male counterpart to labour MP Sally Bercow perhaps, waving his committee about like physical assets to be adored. Grow up!)

So it seems Clegg may be on his mettle with this proposal. Coalition bickering continues as long as the Lib Dems stay there, and they are making realistic and previlant demands.
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